Thursday, 8 December 2016

Things to Know About Fraxel Treatment

So, you are thinking of getting a Fraxel treatment in Colorado? Great – your skin will be entering in for a world of improvement!
However, before you get started with the treatment, there are certain points which must be considered before, during and after the Fraxel treatment in Colorado:

Before the Fraxel treatment:

    It is recommended that you should not be using oral steroids, Retinoids or Accutane in the last months.
    Fraxel is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
    If you have a history of peri-oral HSV, then do let your physician know about it.
    For Patients with a darker skin tone, melasma or history of hyper pigmentation, medications can be        prescribed to minimize the risk of hyper pigmentation post treatment.
    Avoid sun tanning and tanning booths for two weeks before the treatment.
    Do not take any laser or light-based treatments until the Fraxel Treatment is over.
    Avoid using irritating skin products which contain glycolic or salicylic acids for at least two weeks before the treatment.

The Fraxel treatment process:

    Fraxel treatments can be easily tolerated. However, your physician may prescribe some relaxing medications that can provide some comfort to you.
    Make sure you arrange an alternate transportation.
    Once you are prepared to get back to your home, make sure you arrange Ice Packs at home.
    Make sure you discuss the treatment plan with your physician. It is recommended to spend roughly 2 hours in doctor’s office for proper numbing, treatment and aftercare.
    After the treatment, it is suggested to use non-irritating skin products such as Neutrogena, Cetaphil, etc.
    Once you arrive, you will need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Afterward, the numbing cream will be applied. Then the Fraxel treatment will be started which will take about 30 minutes. Once the treatment is over, ice packs will be applied.
    Your physician may suggest topical skin care products and sunscreen according to your skin type after the completion of the treatment.

When Can I return to my normal activities after Fraxel Treatment?

-    You can apply makeup after the treatment. However, do discuss with the physician about the make-up products.
-    Most patients get back to normal work routine within 24 hours following the Fraxel treatment.
-    Avoid swimming, saunas and vigorous exercise for at least one week.
-    Do not take any facial treatment or therapy until your practitioner suggests doing so.
-    Do not use any skin products without discussing with your doctor.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

7 Common Mistakes of Acne Treatment

Treating acne can be complicated, and it’s imperative for you to understand what results you will be achieving through your treatment options. For this, it is recommended to add a dermatologist to your team who can explain treatment plan and help you achieve the desired results.

Even with an excellent dermatologist, we can make some mistakes which can have an adverse impact on the treatment. Hence, it is important to identify the common mistakes that many people commit during their acne treatment

Here are the top 7 mistakes of acne treatment that you should avoid right away:

Mistake #1: Overdoing it

Acne can’t be treated overnight. Acne treatment is a long-term process. Hence, opt for a single treatment at a time unless your dermatologist suggests you otherwise.

Mistake #2: Giving up too soon

Not only treatment is a long-term process, but your skin also requires some time to heal. Hence, be gentle towards your skin and don’t give up too soon. Give your skin some time to respond to the treatment.

Mistake #3: Using cheap or harsh

Usually, when people get pimples for the first time, they use harsh drain cleaner and irritating products which can adversely affect their skin. People with a little budget buy cheap products to get rid of acne. However, these are not the right acne solutions. In fact, these solutions can make the skin worse.

Mistake #4: Stopping the Medication

Many people stop medication once they find that their problem is solved. However, this is not a good practice. Consult your dermatologist before starting or stopping any medication.

Mistake #5: Just Treating the External Skin Problem

Your diet and lifestyle play a vital role in treating acne. Hence, do not just treat the acne but treat an underlying condition which may be causing skin problems to you. In addition to diet and lifestyle, see your doctor about hormone levels.

Mistake #6: Not Consulting Skin Specialist

One of the most common and critical mistakes that many people commit is not consulting a skin specialist. Acne needs a swift action as it doesn’t take much time for scars to start appearing on your skin. Once the scarring begins, the situation can become more complicated. So, don’t waste time in experimenting! Consult a local dermatologist now for Acne Scar Treatment

Mistake #7: Inadequate Use of Medicated Creams

Many times people fail to use medicated cream adequately. Some don’t apply those creams regularly while others over-use them. Follow your dermatologist’s instructions to treat your acne. If you are using any other product, then do inform your doctor about it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Importance of Choosing the Right Product and Right Practitioner for Dermal Fillers

More and more people in Colorado are choosing dermal fillers to treat wrinkles. A well-established treatment is gaining popularity every year. Every year over 6 million treatments being administered each year.
When deciding to have dermal fillers, there are two most important considerations that you should not overlook.
1.    Product
2.    Practitioner

There is an abundance of products and practitioners, and it becomes difficult to make a choice out of them. Choosing the right products and practitioner for dermal fillers is critical to get expected results.

Which practitioner should I choose?

Whether you have decided to go for dermal fillers or seeking more information about the treatment, the first step is to find a reputed and experienced dermal filler practitionerin Colorado.

According to NHS, cosmetic injectable treatments must be carried out by a trained doctor in a clinical environment. Dermal fillers should not be carried out by beauty therapists who don’t have a clinical background.
While dermal fillers are a well-established treatment for wrinkle treatment, yet it is important to understand that every treatment involves certain risks. Medical practitioners can better deal with the complications and provide you best medical advice. Hence, always ensure that you get the treatment from a fully qualified and registered practitioner. Do your research before choosing dermal filler treatment in Colorado. 

Which type of filler should I choose?
Once you choose your practitioner, the next thing is to ask him/her about the products that they will be using for the treatment. One of the best dermal filler practitioners inColorado- Dr. Autumn Stone utilizes a wide range of dermal fillers including Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, RestylaneLyft®, Belotero®, and Voluma for deeper lines and wrinkle treatment.
Before any treatment gets started, it is advisable to get a tailored consultation to establish what results you want to achieve and discuss the options available to get the desired results.
If you are thinking of having dermal fillers or any other aesthetic treatment, then make sure you do a thorough research. Choose a board-certified doctor who uses the best products.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 Acne Scar Treatment Options in Colorado

Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by teenagers and adults. Acne is not only painful but also embarrassing. Once you succeed in getting rid of acne, you can face another problem i.e. ACNE SCARS!

These scars will remind you of the pain that you suffered when you were fighting with acne. The acne scars may come in the form of lumps, pigmented marks or indents on your skin. Getting rid of acne scar is a real challenge and choosing the right treatment is the key. In this post, you can learn about various medical treatments for acne scar.

Treatment #1: Cortisone Creams-

These creams help in reducing inflammation and promote healing of the acne scars. However, it is strongly recommended that you should consult your dermatologist before taking any cortisone cream. He/she can suggest cream according to your skin type.

Treatment #2: Skin Lightening Creams-

Skin lightening cream is another option that can be used for fading skin hyperpigmentation. These creams include ingredients such as vitamin C, arbutin, mulberry extract, etc. Most of the lightening creams are safe to use. Make sure you don’t choose any skin lightening product that contains hydroquinone.

NOTE: If you have dark skin, then avoid skin lightening products as your skin may lose its capabilities to produce melanin, and you may end up having blemishes on your skin.

Treatment #3: Retinoid Skin Products-

Retinoid Skin products contain vitamin A derivatives. These products are used for treating various skin problems such as wrinkles, skin discoloration, acne,fine lines, etc. Retinoid creams increase the production of collagen which promotes cell regeneration. You might find Retinoid little expensive, however, they are preferred by many dermatologists in Colorado.

Treatment #4: Laser Treatment-

If you have applied above methods and you still have got scars, then it is suggested to go for a laser treatment. Many acne treatment specialists in Colorado provide laser therapy. The laser will stimulate the collagen production and allow the new skin to grow in the place of the scar.

Treatment #5: Fillers-

Acne scars leave permanent spots on your skin. You can find a board-certified physician for filler injections to make your skin even. Injectable will minimize the effects of your scars.
So these were top five medical treatment options for acne scars. If you are suffering from acne scarring, then find the best acne scar treatment in Colorado. Choose an experienced dermatologist or physician who can provide you the right guidance and treatment.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sculpsure™Treatment?

Sculpsure™ treatment is a non-surgical body sculpting procedure in Colorado which is a great option for those who want to enhance their looks and reduce their aging signs. You might consider yourself active and healthy, but certain areas of your body refuse to slim down. Luckily, Sculpsure™ treatment can help you get rid of unwanted fat. It is a non-invasive and FDA approved procedure which is completely safe and effective!

Following are the right candidates for Sculpsure™ procedure:

Person with Stubborn Areas of Fat

While regular exercise and healthy diet can have a significant impact on your health and appearance, these methods may not be enough for you to say bye to the unwanted body fat. If you choose Sculpsure™ treatment in Colorado, you can essentially benefit from targeted body fat. Using state-of-the-art technology, anyone can get rid of stubborn fat in areas like stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, etc.

Person Whose Fat Areas are Resistant to Diet and Exercise

Non-surgical body sculpting is ideal for those fat areas that are resistant to exercise and diet. Keep in mind that Sculpsure™ is not a typical weight loss system. It will help in reducing the stubborn fat from your body and enhancing the appearance. If you are interested in achieving a healthy weight, then other options will be better.

Person Wants to Look and Feel Good

As mentioned above, Sculpsure™ is a method to reduce the excess body fat and improving the look of your body. By doing this, Sculpsure™ can help you feel better about your looks and appearance. Consequently, you will become confident in wearing shorts, tank tops, skirts, etc.

Person Who Wants to Look Best while Lounging Poolside

When you have body fat in areas like stomach, thighs, hips, you might feel uncomfortable in wearing a swimsuit. However, by using Sculpsure™ Treatment, you can trim down problem areas and make yourself confident in swimsuits.

If you fall in any of the above categories of people, then you are the right candidate Sculpsure™ fat reduction treatment. Contact Dr. Stone today to get started with Sculpsure™body contouring treatment in Colorado.